Sunday, November 9, 2008

What a beautiful day!

I finally went for a swim today after forever !!! There is a pool in my bldg and I've never used it - today was the day !! I can't tell you how amazing it feels to just get out, be in the sun (though I went after 4pm) and swim! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the water and it makes me feel so happy.

Just imagine floating on your back, eyes closes, totally relaxed with the sun shining on your face *sigh* pure bliss....

FYI - I've lived in this building for 2 years now!!! What took me so long?!?! Yeesh!

What have you been putting off lately eh? Go on - go do something that you've been meaning to do....tomorrow. Has your tomorrow ever come?

I'll tell you one thing - LIFE IS TRULY BEAUTIFUL but do you have a guarantee as to how long you are going to live?

Think about it.

We do not know when we will take our last breath yet we keep putting off things til tomorrow knowing full well - tomorrow may never come. So do something TODAY that you've been meaning to do and see how good it makes you feel !

I am still smiling cheek to cheek from my swim earlier! Ah the life of a entrepreneur - now I just gotta get around to *ahem* figuring out the 'earning money' bit of it! DOH!!! *giggle*

All donations welcome - I am more than willing to sit at home, go for swims, go dancing & write inspiring notes in return for a couple of bucks here and there - hey who said being inspired comes cheap eh? :P *giggle*

Remember one of the IMPORTANT laws of the Universe - RECIPROCITY - you need to GIVE with open hands & hearts in order to receive back so whatcha waiting for?!?! *CHEESY SMILE*

Love you guys ;)

Til later,
DivineDee ;)

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