Monday, November 17, 2008

Lights, Camera.....

...... ACTION !!!

Are you taking ACTION folks?

ANY action.

Or are you sitting in bed, wearing your pj's and visualizing yourself in your dream car, dream house, the million bucks falling from the sky, really feeling it, seeing it and saying thanks for it.....

Ummmmm all well and good but do remember you HAVE TO TAKE ACTION that gels with what it is you want - whether it is listening to the lil voice thats telling you to send that letter or the subtle hint you have to speak to the person next to you, taking the class you've been meaning to take - whatever that action IS - you need to do SOMETHING in order to get what you want (along with the visualization, being in the moment & gratitude)

Now obviously you will attract several things to you - not all of them will be exactly what you want but as you get IDEAS/THOUGHTS/INSIGHTS to what FEEEEEEEEEEEEELS like a good thing to do - DO IT.

And the quicker you take action - the better it is for you - the Universe likes speed! So don't put off things til tomorrow - am SURE that we have all known people who didn't get their tomorrow's....

It's because of the collective action of people in the US - you have a new President...

It's because of collective action of people all over that there is a SURGE in the vibration of abundance and love going around...

It's because of collective action of people like YOU guys that are part of groups like these - that the world becomes a better place....





Do it to get that one step closer to your dream - it doesn't have to be as big as moving a mountain - baby steps my friends - one foot in front of another and just watch how each baby step sets forth the Universe to take GIANT leaps to fulfill your dreams......

And now speaking of taking action - I wasn't planning on asking but since I got the nudge from within to do so - I will....

A few of my friends & well wishers have nominated me for an Inspire Dubai Award for Inspirational Personality of the Year *sweet smile*

I figure if more people nominate me - the word will go out there in the Universe that this is me following my passion for inspiring people to be happy, live beautiful lives and Give Love, Get Love, Share Love ;)

Soooooooooooo if any of you feel inclined to want to check out these awards and perhaps nominate me IF you feel like I help make a difference in any way - go ahead and do so here:

If you know others in Dubai that you think are deserving - go ahead and nominate them !! It's all good - its about empowering others & celebrating them....

Much love & Gratitude,
DivineDee ;)

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Carlin said...

Hey Dee

This might help out some of your readers, and I think its something that might help you when you write your own book, too! I know I'll be using this person when I write my book, starting very soon now!

I met a ghost writer on Twitter recently, her name is Tina Mcallister, who I will be using to help finish a book I've started and re-started a few times over the year.

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really do it. I know in my wedding business I've started to write a
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get better video or what ever. Think of it as lead generators, the
potential client reads your ebook, you are the expert now in their
eyes, and the ebook has prequalified them for you, saves you time
talking to them, so you can edit right?

Anyway, heres a cool TinyURL I made for her website describing her
program. She's also having a contest to generate more leads, so of
course my URL helps in that effort as well. But its still a good
thing, and I'll most likely be hiring her for some of my projects.

25 Page Custom Ghostwritten Ebook….For FREE?? hey cool URL too :)

Ok, thanks, back to work!
Carlin in Seattle
(future famous author...)

Oh, and follow me on Twitter!