Monday, November 10, 2008

How to make money? Hmmm...

Well now that's a question & one that is on the forefront of my mind since I left the corporate world to be an 'entrepreneur' - its a nice life, swimming in the afternoon, staying up til late, chilling out online but *ahem* someone gotta pay the bills!!! :)

Soooooooooooooo of course there is the global e-commerce project I am a part of as an independent business owner & that will lay the pipeline for my wealth creation (wanna know more - just ask me!) and at the same time there shouldn't only be one source of income to rely on right? So since I spend so much time online anyways - why not learn to harness the power of the World Wide Web for wealth creation too? I mean so many people have done it and are still doing it and some very, very successfully! So why not me?

I started learning more about social networking and am a avid Facebooker with 2 groups - DivineDee - Give Love, Get Love, Share Love & The Happiness Club UAE, am on Twitter with people following me and now have my own blog on a free site which I need to somehow transfer on my own url which I do already own (gotta make use of it!) and now I am connected with amazing souls on all their own journeys helping me learn as I go along.

Beauty of the world today is that if you embrace the law of Abundance & sharing & FIRST adding value to people's lives - you are bound by the law of reciprocity to get back. What goes around comes around..... If you BELIEVE the world is big enough for us all to co-exist harmoniously, peacefully & abundantly - so shall it be. Truth is it IS. Unfortunately, its funny how there has been an imbalance that with the global financial changes is finally evening itself out slowly but surely. This will let the true cream rise to the top and give back the power held by a small % of the world's population back in the hands of many....

Birth of the social entrepreneur emerges once again ! TA DA !!! *giggle* So my point? My point is that if you follow your passion, do something you love, add value to people's lives with your own talents & just know that you are truly blessed - you can live a life of abundance & prosperity. The internet is a great vehicle to do exactly that & so I am learning and as I am learning I will share cuz we all know - sharing is caring ;)

Part of my learning is going to be a seminar I attend next month - actually on my birthday *hint hint* - Dec 5th - 13 of the TOP Internet Guru's are descending on Dubai to teach us what they know. I have already attended a couple of preview seminar's by Ernesto Verdugo and boy does he deliver & then some!! So I know this seminar is going to be a catalyst for me to propell myself into my new present of living my dreams !!

In order to jumpstart this venture into learning how to EARN online - we got our first lesson's on affilliate marketing soooooo basically if I help them get people to register for this event (which I stand behind) I get to earn a commission - how's that for delivering value to their initial participants eh? *sweet smile*

With stand out names such as Joel Comm, Sean Roach, John Carlton, Mike Koenigs, Barry Dunlop & Dean Hunt, Ernesto Verdugo, Andrew Lock & others all sharing their amazing wealth of knowledge on stage together - this has got to be a ONE OF A KIND event not to be missed. So if you are wondering how to harness this power - do not miss this event.

If you live in Dubai, Middle East, India or any of the neighboring countries - do yourself a favour and register to attend this stand out event - if you have friends in these countries - I would appreciate if you could pass on this note only if you choose to do so.... I am including my affiliate link for you to click on to learn more about the event to make an informed decision - just by going to the site you will receive an EXTREMELY useful e-book with AMAZINGLY USEFUL websites absolutely FREE and if you register - you will help me on my journey to earning my initial dollars online :)

Oh the event is targeted to ANYONE interested in learning how to harness the power of the internet from big corporations wanting to drive traffice & generate revenue from their exisiting websites, small businesses that want to utilize the net to get business, college kids wanting to learn how to earn passive income, stay at home mom's looking for ways to make money to people like me who have big dreams of earning wealth & helping others to the same! ;)

If you don't sign up online and would rather contact Right Selection (the company that is hosting the event) directly - do give them my name & tell them I sent ya ! (Dina Sabnani)

Oh *giggle* the link !!! Click here to learn more about this event :


Susan Schanerman said...

Congrats, Dina, on your new blog!! Good job. I feel much like you do - - I am spending so much time online, writing, FBing, etc. it just seems logical to focus energy on that being my primary source if income, too.

I think I may have finally overcome my resistance to Twitter and began to follow some of my FB friends. I'll be following you, too.

Keep up your good works....and Remember to Celebrate Your Magic,

Carlin said...

Hey Dee...

Guess what.....

You're a BLOGGER now :) isn't this great! I'm so proud of you!

Think this deserves a Big Squishy Carlin Hug :)

Go Team!

Carlin in Seattle