Wednesday, January 14, 2009

25 (more or less) Random Facts about ME :)

Ok so this started in Facebook with a few friends tagging me in their written notes about 25 random facts about them so I decided to take it to video - whatdya think? *sweet smile* Hey it was all done in ONE take & am new to video sooooooooo be nice! ;)


Carlin said...

Hey Dee :)

You're Awesome! Thank you for sharing the video!

Stay Cool!
Carlin in Seattle

Jason said...

believe it or not I simply feel like a looser today after watching this video :)

LuminousHeart said...

Hey Dee,
Loved your video. My favorite, when you said "I really am as annoyingly happy as I seem to be." LOL.
You're so dear.
Happy to connect,
(I'm @LuminousHeart on Twitter)

blogking said...

Devine Dee

Terrific. You are a natural for video. Global citizen indeed. Looking forward to more videos. Please be as outrageously happy as you like.

twitter@BlogKingGuy in Philly,PA

DivineDee ;) said...

Awww thanks for your sweet comments folks! I really appreciate it. Am loving my Flip video and have SEVERAL mini filmlets already done - so don't worry you'll be hearing & seeing more of me & the places I visit! *giggle*

Sending you love & happiness,

@divine_dee on Twitter.

PS - Jason why did you feel like a loser?! :(

Blanquis said...

Hey Global Citizen!!! I definitely want to bungee jump with you girl!!! I so want to live your life! I am going to make it happen damn it!! Lol
You are a natural in front of the camera and I am sooo looking forward to all your videos! Thanks for infecting me with your love bubbles, I will be shaking what my mama gave me, while tweeting from now on!
Love Ya!!!!

Alaia said...

Great vid.. I was attracted because you were listed in dubai and I so want to visit there so i follow everything that i can find about the place but You are wonderful all on your own. i am following you on twitter and looking forward to hearing more wonderful stories.